EU-PI is a 2 year project (august 2014 to august 2016) co-funded by the European Commission. It involves 7 public and private partners dedicated to fighting phishing in France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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Questions / Réponses

Q: What else can I do if I suspect one address to be fraudulent?

We encourage you to test also the suspected addresses with URLAbuse, an online service provided by the CIRCL.lu here: https://circl.lu/urlabuse. You may fin more information on this tool  here.

Q: Can I send any address for all kinds of spams?

Please do not submit all spam URLs: use this website for phishing attacks reports only. Your submissions will be verified by actual human beings, thanks for them :)

If you want to report unsolicited e-mails and help fight spam, please use Signal Spam.

Q: How can I identify the phishing site’s actual address?

The phishing site’s address can be found in the received e-mail body, in most cases, in the form of a clickable link (for instance “Click here to update your data”). When hovering your cursor over this link, the real address will generally be displayed at the bottom-left corner of your Web browser, or in a bubble in some messaging clients. You may right click this link and choose the “copy” option in the context menu, for instance “copy hyperlink” in a messaging client or “copy link location” in a webmail.
In some cases, the URL will be fully displayed in the e-mail without clickable link; you may then select this text and copy-paste it to the “Web address” field on Phishing Initiative’s web application or form available here : here.

Q: Must I check that the website really is a phishing site before submitting it?

Do not visit the website: more and more phishing sites now try to infect their visitors with viruses.

Q: How can I contact you?

You may contact us using this form.

Q: Can I have access to all inputs on reported phishing sites?

If you have specific plans, or if this information would help you take part in cybercrime prevention, do not hesitate to contact us.