Q: May I send any suspicious address from any kind of spam?

A: Thanks to not report us the URLs from any kind of spam you received, but to focus on reporting suspected phishing addresses. Your reports will be checked by human beings, so please be kind to them ;-)

If you'd like to report unsolicited emails you received, and help fight spam, we encourage us to do so through Signal Spam.

Q: How to identify the needed address of the phishing website?

A: The address of the phishing page to report is located in the body of the e-mail. It's usually a clickable link presented over a text such as "Click here to update your data". When you direct your mouse on the link, you'll see after a few seconds the address right below in a kind of strip in your email client and/or in the right or left down corner, in particular when consulting e-mails through a Web browser page. You can right-click the link and choose the option "Copy..." proposed in the menu that is shown (i.e. "Copy the hyperlink" in a email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail and "Copy the address of the link" from a webmail). Sometimes the address is mentioned in the body, but no link can be clicked. You can in this case select the text with the mouse (by maintained the button clicked) and right-click to copy it. You then just need to paste the link in the field called "Web address" of the reporting form located on the homepage.

Q: Should I verify myself if the site really is a phishing attempt?

A: Don't browse the phishing suspected website without some serious caution, because more and more of such fraudulent websites are dangerous and also attempts to compromise your computer or smartphone with a malware.

Q: How to get in contact with you?

A: You can contact us by using the form at the contact page.

Q: Is it possible to get the complete feed of confirmed phishing websites?

A: Depending on your objectives and legal structure, accessing the feed would be possible if it contributes. Contact us to know more which conditions apply.