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This Site aims at helping fight fraudulent websites misappropriating the identity of a company or administration. It allows its user to submit alleged phishing website’s addresses he identifies, so that they can be sent over to the CERT Orange Cyberdefense’s qualified teams for analysis.

The final goal consists, where necessary, in undertaking relevant countermeasures to block confirmed fraudulent websites.

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RCS: Nanterre B 512 664 194
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3.2 Liability as Regards to the Site’s Content and Services

The Site enables you to access Phishing Initiative’s services it may provide you with information to do with Phishing Initiative.

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The Phishing Initative service is provided by Orange Cyberdefense free of charge and is strictly for personal and non-commercial use.

For any professional and/or commercial use of the service - with or without bulk submission - please contact us using this form: Contact.

5 Usage
5.1 User’s Commitment

The user commits not to purposely submit URLs pointing to content that would be irrelevant to this site’s goal:

All pointedly abusive use of the tool might cause restrictions or ban of the users identified by the Site’s administrator.

In order for his submissions to be accepted, the user needs to provide the suspicious URL and a valid e-mail address, and then enter the CAPTCHA displayed below the submission field.

The authorized URL format consists in the following elements:


For example:


The user may provide any valid e-mail address, such as:


For example:


Also, a simplified processing system (automatic submissions and validations, for instance) might be set up for specific individuals or organizations.

5.2 Phishing-Initiative’s Actions

Systematically applied countermeasures whenever a URL address is identified by our teams as a phishing URL consist in:

Depending on the specific case or phishing victim, the report may be sent to:

The user understands and unconditionally accepts these General Terms of Use. Orange Cyberdefense reserves the right to modify these General Terms of Use at any time, without notice.


For all questions, please contact us via this form: Contact.